The TERI ENVIS Centre felt that users from different categories including researchers, students, corporate houses, government offices, etc frequently needs to contact experts for consultation, guidance or for some other purposes. Hence, there is a need of an exhaustive directory of experts in the relevant field so that the same can be contacted. The Centre is developing a Directory of Experts on Renewable Energy and Environment keeping in view to meet the demand. The directory information will be updated in a periodic manner. The directory will also contain areas of expertise wherever available. At present the directory contains details of only a limited numbers of experts however, more records will be added in future from wider perspectives and subjects.

The subject experts are selected in TERI ENVIS Experts Directory as per following criteria. The experts listed here have qualified three or more of the following criteria :

  1. The person must be well known among peers and are working in a reputed organization
  2. Should be a renowned scientist, academicians with substantial research contribution in the assigned field
  3. The experts should have more than 5 years research or teaching experiences
  4. The expert should have 10 or more publication in peer reviewed journals
  5. Must have attended/invited in several conferences, recipient or prestigious awards, member of national or international committees or government bodies
  6. The expert should hold a respectable positions/designation in the affiliated organization

The directory has been prepared based on data available with us however, users are requested to send us valuable comments and suggestions for modifications, if necessary. You can also send us details of other experts in the relevant field for their inclusion in the database,

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